2018-2019 Glacier Activities Start-Up

Glacier High School 2018-19 Activities Startup Dates and Information

Required Information For Participation:
RANK ONE: Prior to the beginning of the first day of practice, students and parents must complete their Consent/Medical Release Form and Concussion Form online (new this year) with Rank One  (You will need your student’s ID number.  Incoming freshmen:  If they are coming from KMS, it is the same number as last year.  If they are coming from other schools, you can call 758-8618 to find out their ID number).
PHYSICALS: The Physical Form must be turned into your coach in hard copy.  Physicals must be dated after May 1st to count towards 2018.

Required Fees For Participation:
Activity Fee $35:   Students must pay their Participation Fee of $35 for each activity they will be participating in throughout the school year.
Activity Ticket $25:  Student Activity Tickets are $25.  New this year: All students in MHSA activities including music, speech, and theatre are required to purchase a $25 activity ticket which allows entrance into all regular season athletic contests.  For maximum benefit of required purchase of activity ticket, students are encouraged to purchase the activity ticket at the start of school to be used at all regular season football, volleyball, soccer, basketball and wrestling contests.
Spirit Pack Fee $30:  Spirit packs are clothing items that identifies you as a member of the team and can be used for practice gear or travel.  Each program determines if a spirit pack is required, purchased through the school or directly from the vendor.


Pre-practice meetings for 9th–12th grade begin at 6PM on Thursday, August 9th.
Practice begins Friday, August 10th at 7:45AM at Glacier High School.
Two A Days:     Chalks/Practice/Chalks/Practice 8 AM – 2 PM    Bring a sack lunch!    Scrimmage:    Navy and Green Scrimmage Friday, August 17th at 6PM at Legends Stadium.

Cheerleading: Students who are interested in trying out are to report to Glacier High Performance Hall by 9AM on Friday, August 10th. Please check the cheer website for information regarding off season clinics and the summer camp. http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/2/Content/362

Volleyball: Tryouts begins Friday, August 10th.  Students are to report to the GHS large gym at the tryout times that are listed below. http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/ghs/content/volleyball
Tryouts:          Friday: All players report at 9AM-10AM for testing. Freshman will continue from 10AM-12PM. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are on the court 1PM-4-PM
Scrimmage:     August 23rd @ 4 PM, Sophomores v. Freshman /JV v. Sophomores
August 23rd @ 5 PM, Freshman v. Sophomores/JV v. Varsity

Golf: Practice begins Thursday, August 9th. Students are to report to the GHS Performance Hall by 9AM and turn in all paperwork. Students must provide their own equipment. http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/ghs/Content/984
Practice:  Practice will be at Northern Pines Golf Course at 3PM prior to school starting.

Qualifying:  Qualifying for the first tournament of the year will begin on Thursday and Friday, August 9th-10th 3PM.

Soccer:  A mandatory paperwork session begins Friday, August10th at 9AM in the Commons area. Boys and girls team building July 31st -August 3rd .
Web Page: http://sd5.k12.mt.us/Page/1029
Tryouts:  Aug. 13-17th    Girls: 7AM-9AM and 5PM-7PM      Boys: 7AM-9AM and 4PM-6PM

Scrimmage:     Boys:   August 23rd  @ 5:15PM at GHS
Girls:    August 23rd  @ 4:00PM at GHS

Cross Country: Practice begins Friday, August 10th at 9AM. Students are to report to the Glacier High School Fitness Room.  http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/ghs/Content/1002
Practice:           Coach Deitz will announce practice times for the week.

Time Trial:       The first time trial will take place on August 23rd.

Theatre:   Auditions for the first All-School Production will be Monday, August 14th from 10AM -12PM OR 1:30PM-3:30PM.  For more information, please visit the Wolfpack Theatre website http://www.glacierwolfpacktheatre.com

Speech/Debate: Watch for a team meeting after Labor Day!  Practices officially begin October 1st.  The first competitive event is in November with the Kalispell Kickoff. Please view the web page for more details. http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/domain/181

Band:  For students who will march in the Fair Parade and readying for the upcoming year, Band Camp will begin at 8AM on August 6th-10th  with the parade on August 18th. Please meet in the GHS Band Room.  http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/2/Content2/band-main

Swimming:  Swimming begins on November 15th at the Summit. Practice begins at 8PM. The first meet is December 2nd.   See Coach Robinson for more details. http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/ghs/Content/1318

Wrestling:  Open mat will precede the season for those students who are interested.  Wrestling begins on Thursday, November 15th in GHS Wrestling Room.  Practice begins at 3:30PM sharp.  Wrestle-offs are scheduled for Monday, November 26th at 4PM.  See Coach Dankers for more details.   http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/ghs/Content/1306

Girls Basketball: Open gyms will precede the season and are open to any GHS students who are interested.  Coach Sullivan will provide detailed information as the season approaches.  The first practice begins on Thursday, November 15th at 5:45PM for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Freshman will report at 6AM on the 19th.   The first scrimmage for freshman and sophomores is on Thursday, November 29th  at 4:30PM. JV and varsity will scrimmage at 5:30PM.  http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/ghs/Content2/1302

Boys Basketball: Open gyms will precede the season and are open to any GHS students who are interested.  Coach Harkins will provide detailed information as the season approaches. The first practice begins on Thursday, November 15th at 3:30PM for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Freshman will report at 6AM on the 16th.  The first scrimmage for freshman and sophomores is on Thursday, November 29th at 3:30PM. JV and varsity will scrimmage at 7PM.  http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/ghs/Content/1300

Tennis:  Tennis begins on March 11th at 3:45PM.  Students will meet at the FVCC if weather permits. If the weather is poor, athletes will practice at KMS.  Off-season tennis is played throughout the year.  Please see Coach Munro for details.  http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/ghs/Content/1312

Track: Track will meet in the GHS Wrestling Room March 11th at 3:35PM.  Off-season work begins after Thanksgiving in the GHS gymnasium area. See Coach Boschee or Coach Deck for more information.  http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/ghs/Content/1310

Softball:   Tryouts begin on March 11th.  Athletes will meet Coach Connolly in the GHS gymnasium at 5:45PM. The first contest is scheduled for March 30th in the jamboree. Pitching and hitting opportunities begin after throughout the year in the GHS Fitness Room.  See Coach Connolly for more details.  http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/ghs/Content2/1136

CORE:    CORE is our strength and speed improvement program that runs the entire year at GHS and is open to any GHS student.  Summer CORE takes place every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning from 6:30AM. During the school year, CORE will be offered from 3:30PM-5PM.  http://www.sd5.k12.mt.us/ghs/Content2/356