Harkins & Harkins

Harkins-HarkinsFew things have stayed more consistent during at Glacier High School during the last 10 years than boys basketball and volleyball. The volleyball program under Christy’s guidance has enjoyed success year after year in which they have won the Western Conference ___ times and the boys basketball program under Mark’s leadership has won the Western Conference 4 times.

Christy and the volleyball girls have brought home 2 third-place finishes at the state tourney, while Mark and the boys basketball team brought home a state championship this past winter.  Although, both Christy and Mark have enjoyed strong winning programs, it is the steady hand of leadership, guidance, and grounded principles that both have given their student-athletes.  Year in and year out, participation rates have been incredibly strong for both programs.  Athletes have not been allowed to get too high after great wins or great seasons or too low after tough losses or challenging seasons.  They have been taught life lessons along the way. Christy and Mark have displayed resilience and a willingness to do the little things that make the biggest difference. In addition, they are also beloved by not only by their athletes, but their students as well.

In a day where coaches come and go, the Harkins’ duo has been able to keep proper perspective and motivate their athletes to strive for excellence.  The commitment that head coaches must make in “AA” continues to grow and is close to 10-12 month position. For the Harkins’ family, the latter part of July is a time where both can take time to recharge and find that perspective that keeps each leading their programs near the top of the “AA.”   Glacier High School is quite fortunate to have such a pair leading its programs.