David Barr

David BarrSome people out there state that Glacier High never sleeps and part of this busyness can be attributed to the great work of David Barr.  David leads five band classes every day, prepares the marching band for four events, directs 10-plus concerts per year, travels 20-plus days per school year for activities, co-directs the musical, and coordinates the District Music Festival. Barr also directs our Band Camp that helps to prepare Glacier’s Marching Band for the Fair Parade along with the many football halftime performances. It is a week long event that teaches our students the nuances of marching and playing, preparing for halftime, working with one another, and learning how to play music better. There is never an event too big or too small for David’s bands.  The various bands bring to life many events within our community. It is always refreshing to hear the Wolfpack Band and we are very appreciative to have a staff member with such a willingness to lend a helping hand.